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About Us

Company «Vladcargo» has worked since 2005. For this time we have been proving ourselves to be a reliable partner in the international cargo carriage sector of the Russian Far East. One of the most advanced trends of our activity is an area of close cooperation with China. We have established the dependable relations with Chinese partners.

We are involved in the transport and warehouse logistics, in the goods delivery door to door. It includes

  • work both with the large-size cargo and the small consignment from 25 kg;
  • alternative of the most suitable mode of transport for the goods delivery (rail and road freightage);
  • determination and elaboration of the most profitable and the most reasonable freightage route for each client;
  • security of the ladings, its responsible storage and stocktaking;
  • minimization of the warehousing costs owing to the presence of our own storehouses in China;
  • assistance in the preparation of the documents pack for customs procedure, help in the passing of the customs clearance with the shortest possible delay;
  • assistance in the execution of the certificates of conformity and of the rest documents;
  • further cargo delivery all over Russia and in the countries of Commonwealth of Independent States (air and rail freightage).

There are only several ADVANTAGES from numerous ones which will help to INCREASE THE EFFECTIVITY OF YOUR BUSINESS!\

We meet the prescribed deadline; guarantee the absolute cargo safety, the correct execution of the transport and the covering documentations; monitor the cargo movement along the whole route. The long-term experience of work allows us observing three principles. There are the efficiency of work, the maximum compliance with the client expectation and the extreme saving of all the expended resources. We have elaborated a flexible discount system for our permanent clients. It allows finding the mutually beneficial conditions for collaboration.

Best regards!
Company «Vladcargo»