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Moscow: (967) 175-99-01


Question: Did anybody work with «Vladcargo»? Are there the opinions?

A: I worked. At first it was a bit terrifying to give the cargo to unknown persons. However upon delivery everything was safe and sound.
B: I ought to attempt to deliver the goods through them.
A: There is always a risk. And in general they are the real persons. I haven’t any questions on the whole. I carried both 20 kg of goods and 100 ones through this Company. The guys do well. I recommend.

Question: Which cargo company is the most reliable?

Hello. I faced also with the problem of delivering a cargo from China six months ago. I had to export the clothes. I was very afraid as I didn’t know anything about it. I thought that I would be cheated. I live in Vladivostok and decided at my peril to address to a local company «Vladcargo». I have been cooperating with it up till now. I don’t want to advertise them but I have never had any problems. They said that the goods would have been delivered during two weeks. However it was delivered in 10 days. Who doesn’t grasp the details of the necessary documentation they will do everything. They are generally engaged in cargo carriage all over the country.

Question: Who has worked with www. vladcargo.ru? Are there the opinions?

A: They work like each company. Sometimes it is quickly sometimes it is long)).
B: I don’t know how everybody works. However when I was looking for a company, I called about 10 ones. Nobody could help me to export the herbicides while «Vladcargo» helped.

Question: How can I dispatch the cargo?

There isn’t an unequivocal answer. Everything depends on several points. Firstly we need know where you would like to dispatch your cargo. Secondly which are the nature and the volume of cargo and etc. It would be better to come to our office where our managers will answer any your questions, will propose the optimum ways of the delivery and will draw up the order.

Question: Which countries do you cooperate with?

Road and rail carriages are accomplished from China to Russia through Dunin/ Ussuriysk (Vladivostok) and through Suifenhe/ Ussuriysk (Vladivostok).
Sea shipping is realized from China to Russia through the port «Vostochny» (Nakhodka).

Question: Good afternoon! I need carry a 5 tons cargo from China to Moscow. Which documents are required? Which information else must I give to get to know the approximate cost of all your services?

Good afternoon! Please send the full information about your cargo. Which town is the dispatch going to be realized from? We will export from China and will deliver to your town practically any cargo (EXCEPT the foodstuffs)! To get the full information of our services we need know
(1) the description of goods,
(2) the weight, the volume,
(3) the technical manual,
(4) the points of dispatch and destination.

Question: How much parcels can I get in a month without attracting the customs attention?

In a month a physical person (not address) can get a parcel of worth a total no more 1000 Euros or of weight no more 31 kg. All over of it is charged.

Question: What about a customs clearance?

Customs clearance is one of the main trends of our Company. If you have any questions or a necessity to calculate the cost of cargo carriages please send your request to info@vladcargo.ru. Also you can connect with our managers by the telephones: (4232) 930–981, (4232) 930–984.

Question: I think that absolutely everybody is interested the customs clearance of the brand clothes. It would be rather to get your proposal on the cost and the terms of the delivery.

The export of the brand clothes is permitted by only written consent of the rights possessor. It would be better to write the questions of such kind to info@vladcargo.rucargo@vladcargo.ru, icq (358-553-14, 441-677-161) or skype (vladcargo, vladcargo1). There are many schemes and ways to solve such questions. Best regards, «Vladcargo».

Question: Which is a minimum volume of cargo exported from China?

It is possible to export the dissimilar goods from 25 kg and the similar ones from 300 kg. We consolidate the mixed goods at our warehouses in China with it further dispatching to the Regions of Russian Federation.
Question: Good afternoon! Let me know please if there is any discount system in Your Company?
We have elaborated a flexible discount system for our permanent clients. It allows finding the mutually beneficial conditions for collaboration.

Question: Good afternoon! We are going to export the dishes from China. People says that we will have to execute the differ certificates. We have a certificate of producer.

It isn’t enough. To pass the customs clearance certificate of conformance and sanitary certificate will be possibly required. We are just engaged in the execution of the certificates. It is necessary to learn the cargo code. The customs broker executing the customs clearance of your cargo can give more detailed information.

Question: Which points does the rate including itself the transportation and the cargo customs clearance insert in? I am interested in the direction from China to Russia (port of Nakhodka «Vostochny»).

Carrying the cargo through the port «Vostochny» the rate includes the following expenses:
freight under FILO + BAF, CAF
delivery at the port of destination
submission to an inspection (if it is required)
customs payments (duty, VAT, dues)
certificates (if it is required)
broker’s commission

Question: Which types of containers do you propose to carry the goods?
The list of proposed containers:
(1) 20-foot standard container
Max. capacity is 21 920 kg
Volume is 33.9 cub.m

(2) 40-foot standard container
Max. capacity is 26 580 kg
Volume is 67.7 cub.m

(3) 40-foot high cube container
Max. capacity is 26 330 kg
Volume is 76.4 cub.m

Advice: It ought to take into account a useful volume a bit less.

For example a 20-foot standard container will contain approximately only 28 cub. m of your cargo. A 40-foot standard one will contain approximately 58 cub. m. A 40-foot figh cube one will contain 68 cub.m.
We also have a possibility to load the high resistibility 20-foot containers till 26.5 tonnes. It is reasonable when it is required to transport such cargos as the ceramic granite or the rolled and drawn stock.

Question: How long do the customs clearance, the container loading and the shipping take on average at the port «Vostochny» to Moskow?

The execution of the customs declaration takes on average from 5 to 7 days. The customs clearance is met the prescribed deadline in case of the timely grant of the documentation. Then the container is put on a waiting list to the dispatch by railway to Moscow. The waiting of the turn can take from 7 to 14 days.

Question: Which situation is identified with the risk at the custom?

In this case the risk is considered as a possibility of the breach of the Russian tariff legislation by the participants of the external economical activity. The custom office elaborates the indicators of the risk which help to single out the separate commodities and its price levels in the risk groups.