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Cargo insurance

We advise to consider one of our services called «cargo insurance» to secure the delivery of your lading. It saves from the additional worries as the insured occurrences are single whereas the uninsured cargos become quite often a cause of the company ruin.

Using a great experience of our specialists we improve constantly the service quality and we offer the insurance services based on the individual requirements and the possibilities of our clients. The cost of the insurance depends on the type of cargo, the kind of the executed works and the nature of the risks which the goods are insured from. It is quite profitable to insure the ownership interests as in most cases the insurance policy is the guarantee of the indemnity for the losses which will able to occur in any moment of the transportation.

However we must warn you that unfortunately one cannot guarantee fully 100 percent the cargo safety or the damages compensation as there are the circumstances beyond the Insurer’s and the Owner’s control. These occurrences are the confiscation, the requisition, the sequestration, the liquidation of the insured cargo under the order of the state bodies, the intention or the carelessness of the Owner who has insured the goods in order to receive fraudulently the income, the unfitness of the cargo external wrapping, the impact of the nuclear explosion, of the radiation or of the radioactive contamination, the acts of terror and other illegal activities committed by the political causes, the short delivery by the broken seals both of the customs and of the consignor, the delay of the cargo delivery even if it occurred in consequence of incident the risk of which is insured.

At the same time nobody has yet canceled the obligatory precautions. So it is worth always playing safe twice not only by the policy and by the additional layer of the wrapping or by the accompanying persons etc.