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Cargo carriages from China

Road freightage from China

The Company «Vladcargo» accomplishes the road freightage from/to China equally with the other numerous services. It is possible to carry both a large-size cargo and a little batch of goods. The mobility, the maneuverability and the flexibility are the fundamental advantages of the road haulage. The quantity of our clients has been increasing every day. The Company offers a wide spectrum of transport, warehouse, custom and business services.

Rail freightage from China

During many years the railway carriage has been one of the popular and sure methods of the dispatch of the goods. It is absolutely no coincidence according to a whole number of the advantages:

  • delivery on the basis of the exact train schedule, which will allow you to plan the delivery and the shipment date beforehand;
  • high transport capacity;
  • possibility of the transportation by the various kinds of goods;
  • stable speed of movement regardless of weather and time conditions.

The conveyance is carried out by 20 and 40-foot cargo containers (20’DC, 40’DC and 40’ HC), covered and luggage vans.

Multimodal conveyance from China

Using the advantages of the various modes of transports and proceeding from the individual order we select an optimum way of the delivery of your loading with the checking of the custom costs. We render both a partial dispatch package, as we work according to the scheme «door to door».

The delivery of the goods from China is realized via the Russian Far East and presupposes the custom clearance in Vladivostok. At a later date in case of need it is possible the further cargo delivery to the Russian Regions by railroad or air service.

The cost of our services is calculated individually. Our managers are always glad to advise you about all the interested questions and to calculate the preliminary expenses.