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Customs clearance

The specialists of the Company «Vladcargo» are always ready to help the clients to solve the questions of the customs clearance and to declare the cargo carriages. Besides that we help to get all the certificates, the licenses and other documents. The five-year experience of the successful activity allows us to reach even the most difficult goals!

Begin cooperating with us you won’t have to waste again the time and the nerves to find the information about the necessary documentation and the location of the customs instances. Our specialists do all of it for you! Forget about the unforeseen expenses, the loss or the damage of the cargo, the exhausting standing in a queue and the filling in of the unknown documents. Trust to the specialists and the results will certainly make you glad!

To execute the customs documentation, to declare and to calculate the transportation cost of your goods we need have the following data

  • the description of goods
  • the photos of goods
  • the material the goods are made
  • the purpose of the goods
  • the overall supply of commodities
  • the type and the material of the individual wrapping in which the goods are sold and the shipping packing in which the goods are transported
  • an amount in one freight place
  • an amount of the freight places
  • the weight of one freight place
  • trade mark
  • the name of the producer (the address in case of need)
  • the cost according to the invoice
  • the place of the shipment
  • the place of the delivery of the goods
  • the particular conditions of the transportation (if it is)
  • the desired terms of the delivery (this information will influence on the choice of the transport type and the common cost accordingly).