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Cargo delivery by sea from the southern ports of China

Sea shipping is a possibility to carry a volumetrical freight at the small financial expenses. The working process becomes easier owing to the reliable partner relations between our company and the well-known shipping companies and the container lines.

The sea shipping is rather asked-for mode of the transportation equally with the rail and the road haulages. It is conditioned by the fact that firstly a large number of the factories and the plants are situated in the seaports of China. Secondly sea container traffic is rather safety in terms of the freight security. Thirdly sea haulage is economical but more prolonged. About 300 international seaports are situated in China. The main Russian ports of destination are the Far Eastern Port «Vostochny» situated in Hakhodka and Port of Vladivostok. The approximate date of the sea container haulage from a Chinese port to the Russian ones averages 7–10 days depending on the container lines and the shipping processes. Further customs clearance takes roughly from 2 to 7 days. Afterwards it is possible to dispatch the cargos in the Russian Regions. It takes about 7–25 days.

The organization of the sea container transportation includes the freightage, load processing, cargo insurance, broker’s and dispatch services. Company «Vladcargo» accepts for haulage the various classes of goods except the foodstuffs, the animals, the fur goods, the drugs, and the spirituous production.