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Product certification

Under the laws of the Russian Federation all the imported production of the foreign manufacturers must satisfy the international standards of quality and it is liable to certify!

The international Transport Company «Vladcargo» facilitates the receipt of all existed licensing documents. There are

  • certification of conformity
  • sanitary epidemiological opinion
  • refusal letter
  • fire certificate.

There would be no any difficulties to undergo the customs procedure if the goods were processed an examination and received a certification of conformity of state standard specification. The legal persons and the individual ones not being conscious of the necessity to certify an exported product lose inevitably their stands in the Russian market.

The term of execution and the costs of certificate service depend on the type of production, on the presence of earlier obtained certificates, on the supply of commodities (the batch, the contract, the serial production) and on the peculiarities of the conducted certification tests. The final cost and the terms of the certification services are determined after the examination of all the aspects of the forthcoming certification.

The desired result of our work is assistance to the development and the expansion of our clients business.