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Delivery of clothes by cars from China

Delivery of clothes by cars from China

The international Transport company Vladcargo is the largest company on delivery of clothes by cars from China to Russia.
The successful location of our warehouses (Sujfenhe, Beijing) does delivery of clothes of China as much as possible convenient for our clients. From you it is not required any documents as we will incur all these questions.

So, delivery of clothes by cars from China is necessary for you? Means we have found each other and it in our forces. Clothes delivery by the gross from China represents a huge part of all deliveries of the goods from China. Proceeding from the aforesaid, we suggest to carry out for you delivery of any kind of clothes (for example, jeans, children’s clothes, T-shirts, suits, linen and many other things) and footwear cars from China. Before to begin the organization of delivery of cargo from China, we will preliminary coordinate all questions with customs bodies and after that we agree to cargo transportation. Such approach considerably reduces risk of failure of delivery of the goods from China. First of all for us it is important, that cargo has arrived to the addressee in time and lost-free. Thanks to it our NEW clients become CONSTANTS. And the trust between the supplier and the addressee of services means much.
Delivery of clothes demands especial conditions at customs registration, storage and transportations. Company Vladcargo renders qualified services on FAST (3–5 days from a warehouse in the city of Sujfenhe) and safe delivery of clothes from China to Russia (in any region of the country).

Company Vladcargo has a number of advantages and offers additional possibilities:
— Delivery of cargoes from China of a car, and Ry transport;
— The minimum terms of delivery at the expense of complex logistics;
— Our conditions of cooperation are optimum at the expense of the debugged schemes of interaction with the agents working individually with each client.