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Mixed consignment

Mixed consignment is an irreplaceable service in case of need to export the specimens of the output or a small trial lot from China. We are glad to please our clients!

The mixed consignment from China includes the delivery of the cargo by volume under a container. It is possible to export the dissimilar goods from 25 kg and the similar ones from 300 kg. The loads are consolidated at the safekeeping warehouse in Chinese Suifenhe City. As the goods are accumulated they are exported by mixed trucks in Russia. Then the customs clearance is carried out and the loads are transported to the waybill destination.

The mixed consignment from China to Russia (Vladivostok) is realized by the use of motor transport. And then it is possible to transport the goods to the Russian Regions by both railway and air communication.

Depending on the given tasks we use the combinations of transport mode and offer the exact solutions according to the properties of the carried freights and to the initial terms of the treaties.

Addressing to the manager of our company you can learn more detailed information about the mixed consignment from China.