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Customs clearance “under our contract”

The service of the customs clearance «under our contract» allows you to avoid the unassisted adherence of all the customs formalities, the accomplishment of the currency payment, the implementation of the terms of the currency supervision and doesn’t require from you the registration at the customs bodies as a participant of the external economic activity.

We offer the passing of the customs clearance of the goods «under our contract» for the enterprises and the individual persons. It includes the execution of all the licensing documents required for the free circulation of the goods in Russia’s territory.

We have an efficient scheme of the cargo delivery from China to Russia. We both import the goods and declare it ourselves. We are involved in the preparation and in the giving of the customs documents, in the discharge of the customs payments, in the execution of the declaration of the goods and the means of transport. We consult on the questions of the customs clearance, of the preliminary calculation of the customs payments and of other costs wanted for the import of the goods in Russia, of the preparation of all the licensing documents for the customs clearance, of the payment to the Chinese suppliers. Using our possibilities you won’t have to open an account at the customs, to involve the customs brokers and also you will able to avoid all the difficulties of the red tape. According to your errand we will conclude a foreign-trade treaty on our behalf.

We offer the execution of the documents in a short space of time. The work scheme is completely official. The problems with the cargo, the sequestration or the confiscation are ruled out.

The official registration is accomplished in Vladivostok, Ussuriysk, and Nakhodka. As you wish after the customs clearance we will dispatch the goods to the Regions of Russia by road, railway and air communication.
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